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Farmer Wedding

I was given a number from a friend who said this newer officiant does an awesome job at weddings, not knowing who he was i gave him a call. He called me right back within five minutes. We spoke on the phone and he asked questions about what we were looking for and why we wanted an officiant instead of a pastor. After our phone conversation we met up for dinner and he asked us more questions to get to know us and what we liked or didn’t like. My husband and I really liked how he took the time to make his speech so personal to us and about us. Bryan made it interesting and he kept our guest's attention with laughter. Bryan did an awesome job and I would highly recommend him to another couple ready to get married!! 

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Greene Wedding

For years my now husband and I knew that we wanted our dear friend Bryan to marry us and what a great decision that was!  Bryan took our incredibly exciting day and made it perfect. His care, attention to detail, and passion for his role in our wedding was palpable. Not only was he able to capture the essence of our relationship but his own personality shown threw his sermon all while making everyone smile and laugh.  I received so many compliments that it was the best wedding sermon people had heard and I wholeheartedly agree! I wouldn’t have had anyone else marry booth and I!!
Whitney and Booth Greene 

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Harvey Wedding

Before my husband had even proposed to me, I had our wedding almost completely planned. The cake, the colors, the bridal party - the only detail I wasn’t sure on was the officiant. We are not a religious couple and finding a secular officiant can be quite a challenge. My husband, Kyle, said he just wanted someone good and I wanted someone younger, personable and modern. Kyle and I brainstormed and Googled all kinds of people but none of them were quite right.. until the lightbulb went off! Kyle suggested we use the teacher he was currently paired with for his teaching practicum in college. The three of us met over lunch and knew that Bryan was the perfect fit. He is so personable, so charming and so genuinely kindhearted. I couldn’t believe how instantly comfortable I felt around him! He listened to us tell our love story, took notes and incorporated it all into our wedding monologue. Bryan definitely has mastered how to balance humorous and tear-jerking moments. Our guests still rave about how enjoyable our wedding ceremony was and it was all thanks to Bryan. He is such a natural people-person and everyone in the room was captivated and in awe of his words. We highly recommend using Bryan! He made our day so special and we could never thank him enough.

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Beck Wedding

Review Coming

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