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What Kinds Of Weddings Have You Officiated?

I have and will officiate for all kinds of couples.  Opposite sex, same-sex, intercultural, religious, interfaith, and atheist/non-spiritual.  My job is to telling YOUR story as best as I can.  

How Long Do Your Ceremonies Last?

You tell me?  I will be happy to create a ceremony that lasts as long as you would like!

Can You Help Us Find Material For The Wedding?

Of course!  I am more than happy to suggest certain readings/items to include in the ceremony.  Feel free to bring or suggest certain items you want read too.  I will be more than happy to include special readings, lyrics, vows, etc. that you want included in the ceremony.

What Will I Wear?

I will wear whatever color/suit that works best for your big day!  I usually ask and confirm this detail so I never take from photos/special moments.

Do You Require Premarital Counseling?

To be honest, I really enjoy meeting with the couples I marry prior to the ceremony.  It is not necessary, but it better helps me understand your story!  I have met with couples in the past over a cup of coffee, a drink, a meal and better get to know them.  You get to know me as well to ensure that I am the right fit for your big day!

Feel free to contact me if you have another questions!

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