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The Harvey Wedding: May 5th 2018

OK, so this is great/funny. Kyle and I met at James River High School when I served as his practicum teacher and we immediately clicked! At the time, Kyle was interested in teaching. He came up from Williamsburg for a few weeks to watch me in action (I currently teach 9th grade World History at James River High School) At the time, I was putting together another wedding. I used Kyle to gather suggestions and as a soundboard during planning periods... little did I know that it would turn into officiating their wedding! Kyle told Amanda of a fairly new to the game officiant in Midlothian Va and the rest was history. Amanda, Kyle, and I hit it off immediately and the rest was history.

When it came to Amanda and Kyle, it was easy to figure out the theme of their ceremony... family. It is hard to find two people who love their family and friends as much as Amanda and Kyle. They truly understand how important family is and they will always remember where they come from.

"The story of your life together is still yours to write. All of your family and friends present today have come to witness and celebrate your love and commitment this day - eager to a part of the story not yet told."

Thank you, Amanda and Kyle for letting me be a part of you big day!

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