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The Farmer Wedding: April 14th 2018

Shame and Melissa Farmer took a chance on someone they did not even know. I came recommended by a friend of theirs, but we hit it off immediately. Shane and Melissa met me a couple of months before their wedding near at Short Pump mall. We sat down to dinner and did not stop talking until it was time for the check. They were so much fun and their story was great! By the end of our dinner, I just knew they were a great fit for each other.

This ceremony was centered around three themes: trust, sacrifice, and living in the moment. Shane and Melissa are strong family oriented people who def. look out for their people. From the moment I met them, you could tell that they would cherish every moment with each other. This was such a beautiful wedding on a gorgeous spring day.

"I can honestly say that it is hard to come by a couple that laughs as much, cares as much, supports as much, as much as these two. They compliment each other so well and that alone will make this life journey a great one."

Pure happiness on their wedding day

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