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The Wilson Wedding: November 11 2017

Two of the coolest people I have met. The first time we met, was at Joes Inn in Bon Air and we could not have had a better time. I sat there that night listening to their story and it was everything you should hear when two people in love are about to get married. I have to say too, their personalities and just watching them together was even better! These two had known each other for quite some time before getting married. They even car pooled together during their student teaching days, getting to know each other better and better with each passing ride.

Their wedding's theme was centered around the little moments; all of the moments that led to their big day. This was also my first wedding where I did not write the vows. They nailed it and it could not have gone any better!

"These everyday moments fuse together into one big experience that God has mapped out for both of you. And even though this experience is so incredible, words fail us when we try and explain it."

You just knew it was going to last just by he looks they gave each other throughout the entire ceremony

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